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Emergency Services


For emergencies call 9-1-1.

For non-emergencies call 9-1-1, inform them that you are a Woodway resident and it is not an emergency, and they will dispatch the next police officer on duty.

The Town of Woodway Police Department is responsible for maintaining law and
order and providing police services to the community under the direction of the Police Chief, Doug Hansen.

The Town of Woodway has twelve officers with an average experience level of over 12 years in law enforcement. The officers bring to the Town a great deal of training, experience, and expertise that greatly benefits the citizens of the community. Each of the twelve Woodway officers functions as a patrol officer, providing basic and advanced law enforcement services to the community.

The Town of Woodway Police Department responds to over 360 calls for service each year, the majority of which are false alarms. Based on the community's commitment to traffic safety, traffic enforcement is a priority service emphasized by the police department, along with routine patrol and follow-up investigations of crimes that occur.


For emergencies call 9-1-1.

Fire, medical, and EMS services provided by Shoreline Fire Department.

ESCA - Emergency Services Coordinating Agency

For disaster prepredness information and training call 425.776.3722 or visit the website at www.esca1.com.

ESCA is an agency that the Town of Woodway belongs to that helps coordinate in the case of a large-scale emergency.

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