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Business Licenses: The Town of Woodway requires certain companies who do business in Woodway to obtain a business license. The purpose is to limit and control activities which would conflict with the residential character of Woodway and to allow residents to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the community. The full regulations can be found in WMC 4.01. Please remember to include your license/permit fee with your application, as fees are required at time of submittal. *Note* If you are a Woodway resident who has a home-based business, you need to apply for a Home Occupation License, not a Business License. Click here for details.

Business License - $50.00

Real Estate Open House Sign Permit: Real estate open house signs are permitted according to these regulations. Please submit payment according to the number of people who will be using the permit.

Real Estate Open House Sign Permit - One agent: $50.00, Two to five agents: $100.00, Six to ten agents: $200.00, Eleven or more agents: $300.00

Peddler/Solicitation Permit: If you would like sell products/services or solicit donations door-to-door in Woodway, you will need a Peddler/Solicitation permit.

Peddler/Solicitation Permit - Please see application for fee details

If you would like to make an online payment for the licenses listed above, click here: webhome_XBP_Button_rectangle

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