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newtoWoodway has a tradition of volunteer leadership. An unpaid Mayor and Council members unite its citizens in a spirit of shared responsibility. Cooperation with surrounding communities allows Woodway to maintain its rural ways without compromising on vital services.

Vital Statistics

Population: 1330 residents, 470 homes
Woodway is located in the Edmonds School District. Both Community Transit and Metro services are available nearby. Commercial activity is limited to home occupation activities that have minimal impact on the local community. Woodway does not belong to a library system, but residents may purchase individual memberships in the Seattle Public Library system.

Municipal Services

A volunteer–based government guides municipal operations. A five–member Council and Mayor comprise the legislative body with seven appointed Planning Commissioners. There are several legislative committees comprised of residents. Resident involvement is always encouraged.

The Town employs a Town Administrator, a Clerk-Treasurer, a Deputy Clerk-Treasurer/Permit Technician, a Public Works Director, 2 Public Works employees, a Building Official, and a Building Inspector. Legal, planning, and engineering services are provided by contract.

The Town’s police force includes a Chief and 4 part time officers who also serve as officers in nearby precincts. 24-hour coverage is provided by the City of Edmonds police. False Alarm responses take up approximately 28% of the police department time; therefore, residents will be charged on a second false alarm call within six months. Woodway has a contract with Shoreline Fire Department for fire and emergency medical services.

Community Values

Since Woodway is enjoyed as a walking and bicycling community, we place a high priority on keeping our streets safe for our residents and those from surrounding areas. Speed laws are strictly enforced.

Woodway is known as the "quiet place" typified by an atmosphere of private, residential living.

Trees are a community trademark with mature evergreen trees dominating the landscape. Thoughtful stewardship of natural surroundings is a priority among residents. To retain this important characteristic, the Town has adopted a Tree Preservation Ordinance. Please contact Town Hall before removing a tree.

Provision of Community Services

  • Comprehensive Land Development and Building Application Services. Permits are required for many routine development activities including but not limited to: building and remodeling, grading and drainage (any activity involving 50+ cubic yards of dirt), new or replaced fencing, installation of sprinkler systems, removal of trees. Contact Town Hall for details.
  • Lifetime Dog & Cat Licenses
  • Public Notary Services

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