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Text notifications from Xpress Bill Pay are now available! If you have already signed up for your Xpress Bill Pay account, log in and a pop-up window will appear to offer text notifications.

Woodway offers online payments for your twice-yearly stormwater utility bill! All you need is an internet connection, an email address, and your stormwater utility account number. Please call Town Hall if you don't know your account number.

It’s simple to use. Oncwebhome_XBP_Button_rectanglee you sign up for your free Xpress Bill Pay account, we’ll send you a reminder email to let you know when your bill is available online. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer. You can also set up your bill on auto-pay and have it automatically paid for you!

  1. Click here to set up your account now, and you will be ready for the next stormwater utility billing.
  2. Go paperless! This will not only simplify your life, but you’ll be helping the Town. Every household that chooses paperless billing will save the Town on staff time, printing costs, and postage.
  3. Use a checking/savings account as your main payment method. You will never need to worry about updating expiration dates, like you would with a debit/credit card, and you will be keeping the Town’s processing fees substantially lower.
  4. Add a back-up payment method (or two!) in your account. If your main payment method fails, the system will automatically use your backup method, avoiding the headache of a bill that wasn’t paid because your card expired or you accidentally typed in your account number incorrectly.

We also accept cash payments via the drop box at Town Hall and check payments either by mail or via the Town Hall drop box.

As required by Washington State Law (RCW 35.92.460), the Town of Woodway is hereby notifying you that, beginning January 1, 2021, the amount billed on your stormwater utility bill includes tax of 6% calculated on the gross revenue of the stormwater utility.

Please call Town Hall at the (206) 542-4443 with your questions. Together, we can simplify your life and make the Town’s limited resources stretch farther.

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